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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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chicago native and former masshusetts governor deval in the newsroom, elizabeth noreika, 7news. bc has stopped the use of all self service food at its dining halls like salad bars. the goal is to stop the spread of the highly contagious norovirus. the school says more than 126 students are sick right now all of them ate at the cleveland chipolte during the past weekend. health inspectors say a sick employee went to work. >> we have breaking news out of worcester this evening. police say more remains are missing from a city cemetery. investigators discovered skeletal remains have been taken from a mausoleum sometime in october and now they believe someone broke into a second building. a connecticut man is facing charges in the first theft. he told police he's a san ria priest and stole the bones for a healing ceremony. >> a rollover on 95 south in peabody, traffic is down to just one lane there.
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but police say that no one is hurt. >> and there's more breaking news at 6:00. the red sox now stepping up safety after several fans are hit by flying bats and foul balls at fenway park. the team making the change at the request of major league baseball and the commissioner asking every team actually to take a relook at fan safety. >> it does mean that some fans could be sitting behind barriers. 7's dan hausle live at fenway with details on the plan designed to keep people safe. >> well, a couple of things that fans really love at fenway is the tradition and the closeness to the feed. but now the red sox and major league baseball saying some of that might need to be sacrificed in the name of safety. the. >> the red sox and major league baseball are making moves to prevent more injuries like the one suffered by sox phantommia carpenter last june when she was killed. carpenter and her son were sitting in seats close to the nets.
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and prevent them from getting hurt like the woman last year. i'm all for it. >> reporter: the red sox and other teens will be increasing the protective netting at fenway and other o parks around the country. the red sox writing the club is in the process of investigating different design options to identify the best solution for fenway park. and is proactively reaching out to the ticket holders most affected by the plan changes. >> i like the netting. i think safety is never a bad idea, especially since people have been getting hurt, i'm glad major league baseball is looking at it. >> reporter: the league also says it plans to do a better job when fans buy tickets letting them know if they'll be in protected areas or not. the attorney for tonya carpenter says he understands the netting will now cover the area where tonya was seriously hurt. the attorney adding to the extent that the catastrophe that ms. carpenter and her son suffered was a stimulus to provide additional netting, at least something good will come out of her injuries and suffering. >> i generally don't think it's a problem and for the people who do think it's a problem, forgive
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in the emergency room. >> and they'll be making clear their answer is not just about putting up more nets but also about informing the fans who aren't behind the nets, that they are in some danger, and that what they need to do to make sure they keep themselves safe. live at fenway park, dan hausle, 7news. also on 7, teen trouble in plainville, an underaged house party turns violent. police say two girls got in a fight over a boy, and the alleged victim says a girl threw her into a chair, handcuffed her, and more. 7's byron barnett live in plainville with more on what sounds like a pretty alarming attack. byron. >> yes, you know, this happened a couple of weeks ago, and police say this 15-year-old girl came to the police station here with her dad to report this a now, accord to the police report, this girl was really traumatized, police say she was
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assaulted all because of a boy. >> reporter: this is the replica .9 millimeter handgun police say two 15-year-old girls allegedly used to assault another teenaged girl. police say the 16-year-old alleged victim was attending a party in this plainville apartment building where police say several people were drinking alcohol. the alleged victim says one of the teenaged suspects asked she was dating the suspect's ex-boyfriend. and that when the alleged victim said yes, the suspect pushed her into a chair and handcuffed her. police say the suspect pointed the gun at the victim's head and said, eany-meany-miny-mo, i am going to shoot you in the head. police say thinking the gun was real, the alleged victim pleaded with the juvenile suspect, not to shoot her while the other teen suspect allegedly videotaped the assault. police say the alleged victim ran down the road to this dunkin' donuts after another gill removed the handcuffs.
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various weapons, ammunition, a apartment. three 18-year-olds who lived in the apartment were charged with illegal position of those -- possession of those items. those two 15-year-old girls were charged with armed assault court. they're both being held in custody pending a dangerousness hearing tomorrow. that's the story live in plainville, i'm byron barnett, 7 nuts. 7news now turning to a bold break-in and a possible motive for a violent home invasion in quincy. police say two men tied up a pregnant mother inside her home. 7's jonathan hall live outside the house where this happened. john. >> adam, it's really pretty simple. the motive was money. police believe there was at least $40,000 cash stuffed in that white house stashed away. investigators believe the robbers knew it. one was arrested after a chase,
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serious criminal charges. >> reporter: police say 22-year-old kevin murphy of revere and a partner broke into this house in quincy in broad daylight and tied up a woman who's six months pregnant using plastic tape and a sweater to wrap around the woman's face. they were unaware of the woman's 16-year-old stepdaughter that was hiding in her bedroom and on the phone with 911. >> i can hear them. >> where are you hiding? >> i'm in my room. >> you're in your room? >> i locked the door. >> reporter: prosecutors say the masked man who was unknown to demanded cash and made it clear lady's purse? he put the handgun against the temple of her forehead and she directed the suspects to the first floor bedroom across the staircase and in that bedroom there was a brown bag that contained approximately $40,000. husband owns a quincy center
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from the business. >> how is your wife? >> she's very scared. she is been crying a lots i try comfort her. >> the woman and her stepdaughter were hospitalized for emotional trauma. police say officers chased murphy on foot and they believe he hit a stolen 40 caliber glock in the hole of the grass and police say once caught, murphy said i give up, you've got me. >> and police say murphy also had a role of clear plastic tape on him like the tape used to abduct the woman but he apparently hasn't rolled on his alleged partner in crime. that guy still at large. and police are hoping to go through murphy's cell phone to find him. live in quincy, jonathan hall, 7news. and we have new information about the california terror attack. the fbi now saying the two shooters were radicalized at least two years ago, if not longer. let's go to ryan schulteis with all the latest information on that investigation. >> the new information comes as investigators continue to look
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involved and how the attack may have been paid for. sources telling nbc news there are indication that syed farook was planning an attack back in 2012 in california. the timeline would indicate he and his wife were radicalized before they even met. >> as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and married and lived together in the united states. >> the two opened fire on a company holiday party last week. 14 people were killed, 29 others hurt. investigators are now focused on a number of people who visited farook's garage in the months leading up to that shooting. inside the garage, police say they found materials to make pipe bombs. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7news. following recent terror attacks, donald trump continues to spark a war of words. he says he wants to ban muslims from coming to the u.s. the plan being condemned by both republicans and democrats but trump still has a lot of support in the polls. what does 7's political editor andy hiller think of the idea?
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instinct. >> i don't want to look back and think i shrewed said something. if i make only one voter think twice, then it will be worth it. >> it's gonna get worse and worse, folks. >> reporter: this is a warning. donald trump is a dangerous man. if he's elected president, races and religions will be pitted against one another. families and friends will be divided. we'll be at war with ourselves. for at least four years. are you ready to watch buses headed for the border filled with illegal immigrants while the great wall of mexico is being built? % how about the national guard at all airports, arresting every muslim. even if you think diversity has gone too far, segregation, expulsion, and exclusion won't make us stronger. there is no rewind button that donald trump can push and erase time. our future may go in many directions, but back isn't one
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new. in 1978 in massachusetts, governor michael dukakis was upset by ed king. we ran a hate campaign. we put all the hate groups into one pot and let it boil, said one of king's supporters. now it's trump who's stirring the pot. last week i was worried about world war iii. today i'm concerned about a civil war. >> they have no respect for human life. >> we all need to decide where we stand and what matters to us most. is it our family, our religion? our country? there is no magic glue that holds america together. it can fall apart. i'm andy hiller and that's my instinct. we have new details this evening about a house of squaller in webster. prosecutors have dropped charges against the son of the 96-year-old woman living there. prosecutors say his mother wasn't hurt and that's why
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one person is hurt when a scissor lift gets caught on a garage door in worcester and three construction workers were on the lift. they were working on a new theater at worcester academy. you crews battling a fierce fire in portsmith, new hampshire. right now officials are checking the damage. flames were shooting from the gas light restaurant, still no word yet on a cause. kindness on the common. coming up on 7news at 6:00, trees in boston growing gloves and scarves. good samaritans making a difference. and the pats ready to get back on track, and a game you
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people in need as the temperatures head into the colder months. someone is leaving clothes hanging from trees, those little notes, in boston. so with the notes you'll find mittens, scarves and hats. >> all right, and it's getting plenty of attention. here's christa delcamp are more. >> here on boston common, a sign
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>> it makes me happy. >> reporter: they're hanging with scarves, hats and mittens, a message as direct as it is simple. these are not lost. if you're stuck out in the code, please take what you need to stay warm. the big-hearted author getting some emotional responses. >> and it made me teary eyed to see good things going on in the word, and i stopped and read the sign and i saw a couple of people take a few scarfs and mittens. >> reporter: a gesture of generosity most welcome at this time in this year. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it's very good time of year to do that, in the winter. christmas season, people are showing they have a heart. >> it's nice to see with everything going on, things like this in the world. >> city officials say as long as the hats, mittens and gloves don't damage any trees or public property, they can stay. in the newsroom, i'm christa delcamp, 7news. temperatures in the 40s this afternoon, that is seasonable for this time of year but we warm things back up into the weekend. take a look.
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frick, the high temperature in boston. 43 right now, 42 in bedford, 43 in plymouth. the average time this time of year, 44 degrees. close to that this afternoon but no real true arctic air coming out of canada, in fact, the
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wind out of southeast will turn more southwest tomorrow and that's a warmer wind direction for us. if you look to the southwest of us, 52 in new york city. 53 in buffalo. some hide air will start to work in late overnight tonight and you'll note difference certainly to afternoon. what also works is low-level moisture and it will be easy for patchy fog to form, even if it's patches of drizzle late overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. tracking a couple of light showers, that has to swing through pennsylvania first thing in the morning. wouldn't surprised to see a little bit of patchy drizzle and a couple of lighter showers out there. not talking about a lot of rain with this system. it will be a damp start but a nicer afternoon as we dry out and get a few breaks of sun and the temperatures jump up into the mid- to upper 50s. low clouds. friday afternoon will have a mixture of sun and clouds.
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in the afternoon and temperatures on friday back to near 60 degrees. here are some of the rain totals oarlt and early tomorrow. again a tenth or less of an inch of rain for many towns out there. these temperatures overnight holding steady, low 40s. toward daybreak tomorrow and after the murky start and a passing shower. you go into the weekend, another mild weekend ahead of us. temperatures maybe a little warmer on saturday versus sunday. front close by on sunday. the best chance of widespread heavier rain monday night into early tuesday. >> pill belichick preparing j.j. watt perhaps his favorite all-time player. belichick loves the great
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highest possible compliment belichick can give a player. belichick calling him a disruptive defensive linemen in the same general category as lt, thank in large part to watt, detectives post the third ranked pass defense in the league. two wins in four of their last five games. 7's alec scourgery has more from foxboro on a patriots' team that's hoping to avoid their first three game losing streak in 13 years. >> think all of our quality of life sucks when you lose games. >> reporter: it's no secret tom brady hates losing. he hasn't done it whole lot of it door his 15 seasons with the patriots and even know without a star tightened and number one receiver brady isn't making any excuses. >> obviously when you lose good players it doesn't help at all but you still gotta figure out a way to have production and score points. >> reporter: brady says the offense hasn't been able to get into a rhythm the last two games. >> i don't know. is he talking about dancing
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>> reporter: but hopefully danny amendola and the receivers have the right moves to help the patriots find their winning groove. >> we're gonna try our best, whatever it is. >> reporter: and protect brady. the o line gave up sacks last sunday and things don't get any easier this week preparing for the most feared pass rusher in the league, j.j. watt but the pats' quarterback says the pressure hasn't made him wilt. >> good, fresh as lettuce. >> brady knows the offense needs to produce on sunday night but it will be a challenging task. bill shepherd chick reminding everyone today that houston's defense is right near the top of most major categories. in foxboro, alex corddry, 7sports. >> after wrapping up a season-long five game road trip with an impressive win in new orleans, the celtics are back in the garden tonight a place where they won three in a row and will try to make it four in a row tonight when they host the bulls. celtics fans looking ahead to
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feeted warriors come to the garden. golden state 23 and 0 this season after a win over the pacers last night and it was clay thompson not steph curry doing most of the damage. thompson a game high of 39 points including 103s before leaving the game with a sprained ankle. and the bruins expected to start tonight up in op montreal in the final meeting between the two arch rifles before they face off in the winter classic. that's sports. >> all right, sounds good. thank you, joe.
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o. >> it was a big surprise because the red sox and wally the green monster were there, and the kids but this is mad pan so the teachers had them do it during and there's wally. he granted fans holiday wishes and the students also got hats and a red sox gift pack. kids. >> that's awesome. nice hats. and i'm just thinking, imagine if it would have been santa
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>> oh, they see santa all the time. how many people get to see wally at school. >> that's our time at 6:00. thanks for watching, everybody. >> have a great it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change
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